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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment
The Benefits of Buying Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment

The Benefits of Buying Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment

The Benefits of Buying Used and Refurbished Medical  

Medical equipment promises individuals better healthcare through innovative technology. A common question that most hospitals and clinics face when in the market for medical equipment is whether they should buy new or used.  If you are a large hospital facility, a small start-up clinic, or a private medical practice, having correct line of medical equipment is a very important part of your practice. Running any medical business is expensive and maintaining cost efficient budget is as important as anything else in your practice. There are many Benefits of Buying Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment:


  1. Cost Savings:


There’s no doubt that over the past few years the cost of healthcare has risen significantly. Over the last decade, since the passing of the Affordable Care Act, much attention has been given to lowering healthcare costs while improving the overall quality of care. Hospital administrators and medical practice managers well know just how challenging it is to reach that balance. Americans spent a staggering $3.2 trillion on healthcare in 2016. One key area of medical equipment spending. According to Modern Healthcare, medical supplies and equipment account for the biggest spike in healthcare spending. Hospitals are spending $93 billion per year on medical equipment lifecycle costs. It is an obvious benefit that buying used or refurbished medical equipment will keep medical providers within budget and will allow them to concentrate more on quality of healthcare and expansion of their practice.


  1. Reliability and support:


Reliability and support are some of the most important factors when acquiring and using any medical devices in your practice and therefore, it’s very important to know that the company you’re dealing with will stand behind their product 100% and will be reachable for assistance anytime.


  1. Eco-Friendly


Some Medical equipment releases certain toxins into the environment and takes ages to degrade. Instead of this, consider buying used/refurbished medical equipment to reduce the carbon footprint. Finding ways to be eco-friendly is difficult when it comes to medical equipment but when acquiring refurbished medical equipment, you will both, safe $$$ and act in an eco-friendly way.


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