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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

Olympus Urology Set ( WA22367A, WA2T412A, A22041A, A22021A, A22071A, A22081A )

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SKU WA22367A, WA2T412A

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You are looking at: Olympus Urology Set consisting of below listed instrument in Excellent all around and fully functional condition. 

What's Included in this lot:

1X - Olympus Ref: A5976 Resectoscope Sterilization Case

1X - Olympus Ref: WA05974A Lid for A5976 Resectoscope Sterilization Case

1X - Olympus Ref: WA2T412A OES Elite HD Telescope, 4mm, 12deg 

1X - Olympus Ref: WA22367A TCRis / TURis Bipolar Passive Working Element

1X - Olympus Ref: A22021A 2 Stopcocks, Rotating, Outer Sheath

1X - Olympus Ref: A22041A Ceramic Tip Resectoscope Inner Sheath

1X - Olympus Ref: A22071A Optical Visual Obturator

1X - Olympus Ref: A22081A Autoclavable Articulating Timberlake Obturator 24Fr 10.5" 26.7cm

1X - Olympus Ref: WA03210A light guide cables THO(O) 4.5 X10.0 full Mono-Coil reinforcement 10' Length