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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

ConMed Linvatec Spectrum II Tissue Repair System

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$2,350.00 - $2,350.00
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SKU Spectrum II

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You are looking at: ConMed Linvatec Spectrum II Tissue Repair System in Excellent Condition   

What's Included in this lot:

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 27.00011 Suture Hook Handle

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: C8740 Crescent Suture Hook, Small Curve, 3.00 x 15.00mm

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: C8742 Crescent Suture Hook, Large Curve, 6.00 x 25.00mm

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.19115 Suture Hook 90deg LEFT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.14215 Suture Hook 45deg RIGHT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.14115 Suture Hook 45deg LEFT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.19215 Suture Hook 90deg RIGHT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.10115  LEFT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: C8741 Crescent Suture Hook, Medium Curve, 4.00 x 20.00mm

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.10015 Suture Hook STRAIGHT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 97.10215 Suture Hook RIGHT

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 11.1002 Alligator Grasper, 3.4mm dia., 130mm, Straight, w/Ratchet

1X - SHUTT-Linvatec Ref: 21.1001 Extended Length Depth Probe, 3.5mm dia. Tip, Straight, Blue Handle

1X - SHUTT Linvatec Ref: 25.50014 Extended Length Liberator Knife

1X - SHUTT Linvatec Ref: GU1005 Suture Scissor Straight, 3.4 dia., 136mm

1X - SHUTT Linvatec Ref: GU1002 Tissue Grasper, 3.5 dia., 142mm

1X - SHUTT Linvatec Ref: GU1003 Grasper Straight, 3.5 dia., 138mm

1X - SHUTT Linvatec Ref: GU1008 Raven Suture Retriever, 35° Up, 3.5mm dia., 138mm

1X - SHUTT Linvatec Ref: GU1004 Raven Suture Retriever, Straight, 3.5mm dia., 138mm 

1X - Arthrex Ref: AR-12250 Suture Cutter, 4.2mm, Straight, Closed end

1X - Concept Ref: C6800 Suture Retriever  

1X - Concept Ref: C6801 Tram Passer Retriever 15 Deg

1X - Conmed Linvatec Ref: C6112 Knot Pusher

1X - Concept Ref: 2222 3.2mm 

1X - Mitek Ref: 214639 Stabilization Obturator

1X - Linvatec Ref: C6105 Linvatec Crochet Hook

1X - Mitek Ref: 211033 Stabilization Drill Bit, 2.9 mm

1X - Orthopedic Ref: 59.7018 Surgical Mini Mallet 17.8cm 4oz 

1X - Orthopedic Ref: 22.2560 Surgical Mosquito Forceps 5" straight (Halsted)

1X - Mitek Ref: 213817 Drill Guide Fish Mouth

1X - Mitek Ref: 213819 Drill Guide Saw Tooth

1X - Mitek Ref: 213818 Drill Guide Hybrid 

1X - Mitek Ref: 213816 Drill Guide Dove Tail

1X - Mitek Ref: 222225 Orthopedic 6.5mm AWL/TAP HEALIX

1X - Mitek Ref: 222223 AWL HEALIX

1X - Mitek Ref: 222224 5.5mm AWL/TAP HEALIX

1X - ConMed Linvatec Ref: C7395 Cannulated Obturator (8.00mm x 85mm), Yellow for use with Yellow Dry-Doc (C7368) and Yellow Hex Flex (C7480)

1X - ConMed Linvatec Ref: C7390 Cannulated Obturator (8.00mm x 75mm), Red for use with Red Dry-Doc (C7367)

1X - ConMed Linvatec Ref: C7385 Cannulated Obturator (7.00x 85mm), Blue for use with Blue Dry-Doc (C7360) and Blue Hex Flex (C7465)

1X - ConMed Linvatec Ref: 25.50016 Rasp Liperator Knife II, 4.75mm X 149mm Dia., 149mm