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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

GYRUS ACMI Durable Flexible Ureteroscope DUR-8e Elite

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You are looking at: GYRUS ACMI DUR-8e Ureteroscope ( Open case but NO sign of use and Appears to be NEW <= As per biomed technician evaluation ). 

1X - GYRUS Ref: DUR-8e ACMI Elite Ureteroscope

1X - GYRUS ACMI Ureteroscope Case

Additional product details/Specs/Description:

The ACMI™ DUR-8 Elite's 8.7 Fr shaft reaches into the body more easily than any comparable scope — providing complete intrarenal access, even reaching the lower pole calyces. Its smooth, lubricious outer covering and working channel ease insertion of both scope and instruments. And its patented torque-stable shaft construction, tight-bend radius tip, and active secondary deflection deliver control at every step of the procedure. Importantly, the DUR-8 Elite also provides maximum durability — coupling a unique cable compensation system with smooth, powerful active deflection. Reach far into all regions of the kidney, case after case. With the DUR-8 Elite.


* Active secondary deflection adds 130Deg down > Durable dual deflection*High-torque nitinol shaft > Flexible operation, maximizes maneuverability

* Optical system include dual light transmission > Constant visualization and even lighting of field

* Large 3.6 Fr working channel and lubricious inside surface > Facilitates easy passage of devices

* Field of view may be cleared with irrigation while using a 3 Fr instrument > Large image size; clear field of view

* Removable/rotatable light guide, and rotating biopsy and irrigation ports > Built-in convenience


* Length (cm)           : 64

* Proximal Diameter: 10.1 Fr

* Mid Diameter         : 9.4 Fr

* Field Of View        : 80Deg ± 5Deg

* Length                   : 64 cm

* Direction Of View : 12Deg (air) 9Deg (water)

* Working Channel 1 : 3.6 Fr

* Distal Diameter       : 8.7 Fr