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GYRUS ACMI MR-6A Self-Dilating Bagley Autoclavable Uretero-Renoscope

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You are looking at: GYRUS ACMI MR-6A Self-Dilating Bagley Autoclavable Uretero-Renoscope in Excellent all around and fully functional condition.

What's Included in this lot:

1X - GYRUS ACMI Ref: MR-6A Self-Dilating Bagley Autoclavable Uretero-Renoscope 

Additional product details/Specs/Description:

GYRUS ACMI MR-6A Self-Dilating Autoclavable SemiRigid Ureteroscope : 6.9 Fr, 33 cm, 3.4 Fr & 2.3 Fr channels

The MR-6A and MR-6LA named the 'Bagley Autoclavable SemiRigid Ureteroscope' in honor of our long, successful partnership with Dr. Bagley, exemplifies the Gyrus ACMI philosophy "The Vision to See. the Power to Treat". Large, distortion-free optics produce outstanding visualization while the self-dilating, tapered super elastic shaft facilitates access to the pathology. The two working channels give the surgeon precise control to manipulate instruments within the ureter -- to fragment a stone or ablate a lesion.

The MR-6A, the standard length, 33 cm, ureteroscope is used to access and treat urinary disease in the distal ureter while the MR-6LA at 43 cm is used to see and treat in the proximal ureter.


•  Large, distortion- free optics from a high-density image bundle

•  Autoclavable. Meets stringent French Autoclave cycle.

•  Two full-length working channels

•  61 degree Field of View with 5 degree Direction of View

•  Tapered one-piece super elastic shaft

•  Steris Compatible


•   Outstanding image clarity, depth and resolution

•   User convenience for fast sterilization turnaround.

•   Simultaneous control of instruments for precise treatment and irrigation for a clear debris-free view

•   Assures visibility and maximizes control of instruments as soon as they exit the working channel.

•   'Bend-ability'to access the ureter quickly and easily without injury to the patient or damage to the instrument

•   Meets user sterilization preference