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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

Medtronic Midas Rex MR7 PM710 Touch Motor High-Speed Pneumatic Drill Set

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$9,500.00 - $9,500.00
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SKU MR7 - PM710

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You are looking at: Medtronic Midas Rex MR7 PM710 Touch Motor High-Speed Pneumatic Drill Set with accessories in Excellent all around and fully functional condition.   Some items are New and others are Like New.

What's Included in this lot:

1X - Medtronic Midas Rex MR7 Instrument Case

1X - Medtronic Ref: PM710 Midas Rex MR7 Touch Motor     

1X - Medtronic Ref: AD02 Midas Rex 5/32” Jacobs Chuck Attachment     

1X - Medtronic Ref: AF02 Midas Rex Footed Attachment  F2 2.4mm F2-B1 

1X - Medtronic Ref: AS08 Midas Rex Straight Small Bore  Attachment  (2.4mm) 8-B 

1X - Medtronic Ref: AS09 Midas Rex Straight Large Bore Attachment  (3.2 mm) Length 9cm 9-M 

1X - Medtronic Ref: AA10S Midas Rex Angled Short Attachment 10 cm - Small Bore

1X - Medtronic Ref: AA14  Midas Rex Angled Large Bore Attachments (3.2 mm) Length 14cm 14-AM 

1X - Medtronic Ref: BM100 Midas Rex Bone Mill     

1X - Medtronic Ref: PC700   Midas Rex Foot Control     

1X - Medtronic Ref: PC110  Midas Rex Female Nitrogen DISS to male  Schrader     

1X - Medtronic Ref: PC120 Midas Rex Female Nitrogen DISS to male Air DISS     

2X - Medtronic Ref: PA700 Midas Rex MR7 Lubricant Diffuser for PM700/PM710 motors     

1X - Midas Rex MR7 Instruction manual

* Additional product details/Specs/Description:

The MR7 High-Speed Pneumatic Drills offer:

Exceptional power and performance when you need it most
Patented technology designed to deliver efficient performance
Precision design engineered and manufactured for quality and durability
A standardized platform so you can use your existing Legend® dissecting tools and attachments
Ergonomic enhancements to enable easy maneuvering in the operating room