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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

Olympus Airway Mobilescope Portable Intubation Endoscope MAF-GM

Original price $5,750.00 - Original price $5,750.00
Original price
$5,750.00 - $5,750.00
Current price $5,750.00

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You are looking at: Olympus Mobile Airway Scope MAF-GM in Excellent and fully functional condition with Zero broken fibers.

What's Included in this lot:

1X - Olympus Storage/Cary Case for MAF-GM

1X - Olympus Ref: MAF-GM Mobile Airway Scope

1X - Battery Charger, 2X batteries and memory card

Additional product details/Specs/Description:

Channel Width : 1.5 mm

Working Length: 60 cm

Field of View : 90ยฐ

Direction of View: 0ยฐ Forward Viewing

Depth of Field: ย 4-50 mm

Outer Diameter: 3.9 mm Distal End

Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 4.1 mm

Max Angulation Up: 120ยฐ

Max Angulation Down: 120ยฐ