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Olympus EXERA II BF Type 1T180 Video Bronchoscope

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You are looking at: Olympus EXERA II BF Type 1T180 Video Bronchoscope in Excellent all around and fully functional condition. 

What's Included in this lot:

1X - Olympus EXERA II Ref: BF Type 1T180 Video Bronchoscope in an Olympus Box

Specs and Features:

The Olympus BF Type 1T180 is a therapeutic video bronchoscope used for bronchoscopy applications in hospitals and clinics. It has a slim 6.0-millimeter diameter with a 3.0-millimeter instrument channel for enhanced versatility during procedures, while its ergonomic grip enhances its maneuverability and improves efficiency in device handling. It is equipped with a compact, color-chip CCD which delivers clearer, larger, and crisper images, resulting to a more accurate observation of minute details and subtle textures for better outcomes. The wide field of view and a sufficient working length of the BF Type 1T180 allows for accurate observation of a wider area, and it can be easily maneuvered in the tracheobronchial tree. It is built fully insulated to be compatible with high-frequency electrosurgical devices, enhancing safety. Its ergonomically designed control and switch layout reduces fatigue for surgeons and medical specialists. The BF Type 1T180 is also designed with a Scope ID function which can store individual scope information, including the number of procedures performed.

  • Wide 3.0mm diameter channel can accommodate a 3.0mm EndoTherapy accessory and provides power suction performance even when a device is passed through
  • Ergonomically designed grip to enhance scope maneuverability and handling
  • Scope ID function stores individual scope information such as number of procedures performed
  • When used with a Exera II 180 processor and light source, you have the benefit of Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) to enhance visualization of mucosal morphology
  • Compatible with Olympus CV-190 |  CV-180 | CV-160 | CV-140 video processors
  • Excellent balance of image size and working channel diameter.
  • Narrow Band Imaging for improved diagnostics.
  • Compatible with electrosurgical and laser devices.
  • Built-in scope ID function.
  • Diameter: 6.0mm.
  • Working Length: 60cm.
  • Instrument Channel: 3.0mm.
  • Field of View: 120 degrees.
  • Angulation Range: Up: 180, Down: 130