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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment
Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

Olympus WA2T43WA OES Wide Angle Elite Telescope, 4mm, 30-Degree HD, autoclavable

Original price $3,250.00 - Original price $3,250.00
Original price
$3,250.00 - $3,250.00
Current price $3,250.00
SKU WA2T43WA / WA2P400A / WA05990A

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You are looking at: Olympus WA2T43WA OES Wide Angle Elite Telescope in Excellent all around condition with crystal clear view.

What's Included in this lot:

1x - Olympus Ref: WA2T43WA OES Wide Angle Elite Telescope, 4mm, 30-Degree HD, autoclavable

1x - Olympus Ref: WA2P400A Protective Tube 

1x - Olympus Ref: WA05990A Sterilization Tray