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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

Stryker CORE Orthopedic Set (#6)

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Original price $5,750.00 - Original price $5,750.00
Original price
$5,750.00 - $5,750.00
Current price $5,750.00

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You are looking at: Stryker CORE Powered Instruments Set in Excellent all around and fully functional condition.

What's Included in this lot:

     Consoles and such

1X - Stryker Ref: 5400-050-000 Core Powered Instrument Driver Console

1X - Stryker Ref: 5100-8 Core/TPS Footswitch

1X - Stryker Ref: 350-600-001 FloControl Arthroscopy Pump Model 150 ( Brand New in OEM Box w/hand remote control )

1X - Depuy Ref: 225021 Mitek VAPR 3 Console

1X - Depuy Ref: 225223 Mitek VAPR Footswitch

                Powered hand-pieces

1X - Stryker Ref: 5400-120-000 CORE Saber Drill w/cord

1X - Stryker Ref: 5400-130-000 CORE Sumex Drill e/cord

1X - Stryker Ref: 375-704-500 CORE Formula Shaver Handpiece 12k rpm

1X - Depuy Ref: 225002 Mitek VAPR Hand-Piece

               Accessories and Attachments

1X - Stryker Ref: 5100-120-470 Elite SD/PD Series Long Straight Attachment

1X - Stryker Ref: 5100-120-472 Elite SD/PD Series Long Angled Attachment

2X - Stryker Ref: 5100-120-450 Elite SD/PD Series Straight Medium Attachment

                 Cables and Accessories

1X - Stryker Ref: 5100-277-000 Sterilization Case - Medium

1X - Stryker Ref: 5400-121-000 CORE Sabre Drill Hand-switch

3X - Power Cords