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Welcome to www.Tools4Docs.Equipment

Stryker System 7 3-Hand-piece set with attachments

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You are looking at: Stryker System 7,  3-Hand-piece set w/batteries & attachments in Excellent all around and fully functional condition.    Other hand-pieces and accessories configurations are possible (Just ask).

What's Included in this lot:

1X - Stryker Ref: 7102-454-040 3-HP Sterilization Case

1X - Stryker Ref: 7102-454-010 3-HP Insert Tray 

              Powered Hand-pieces:

1X - Stryker System 7 Ref: 7208-000-000 Sagittal Saw

1X - Stryker System 7 Ref: 7203-000-000 Single trigger rotary

1X - Stryker System 7 Ref: 7207-000-000 Sternum Saw

             Accessories & Attachments:

1X - Stryker System 7 Ref: 7203-136-000 Single Trigger Pin Collet (2.0-3.2mm)

1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-160-000 Trinkle Adapter              

1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-110-000 AO Small Drill Quick Connect

1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-210   Large A/O Adapter                

2X - Stryker  Ref: 6203-131 1/4 Stryker Adj. Keyed Chuck

1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-113-000 Hudson Adapter               

1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-135-000 Hudson Modified Trinkle

Please NOTE that Batteries are for illustration purposes only BUT can be included for additional charge.